Final Show

Podcast Episode 150 – The Final Show

This is episode 150, the Team Shenanigans Podcast’s Final master papers Show. We recorded it in front of a live internet audience – a link to the YouTube video is below. Caution: it was not censored or edited in any way, so […]

Podcast Episode 149 – Match Game

On this second-to-last episode of the Team Shenanigans Podcast, we play old school Match Game with two of our running teammates, Erin Petz and Danielle DeCarolis. Next week is our Live Finale. We hope you’ll join us Sunday, August 19th […]

148 Running News

Podcast Episode 148 – Running News

In this episode we run down some running news stories we found interesting, read a listener email about the podcast, share Jeff Reed’s Top Ten Reasons we’re ending the Team Shenanigans Podcast (we refer to him consistently as Kent Reed, […]


Podcast Episode 147 – Elite Runner Heather Pech

In this episode, Caryn introduces us to her friend and running coach, elite runner Heather Pech. After a very successful business career, including stints as CEO of Polo Jeans and Nine West, Heather has found great success as a masters […]

Running Coach Ryan Conrad

Podcast Episode 146 Running Coach Ryan Conrad

In this episode we welcome Running Coach Ryan Conrad, the Team Director and Head Coach for J & A Racing, to discuss running coaches. We get into the pros and cons of group vs. individual coaching, online vs. in person […]

Great Wall Marathon

Podcast Episode 145 – Great Wall Marathon

In this episode we’re joined by Heather Chen who recently ran the Great Wall Marathon. She tells us about the unique training plan she put together for the Great Wall Marathon’s one-of-a-kind race experience, the logistics of preparing to travel […]

Nutritionist Katie Diehl

Podcast Episode 144 – Nutritionist Katie Diehl

In this episode we are joined by Nutritionist Katie Diehl to answer a TON of questions sent in by listeners on the topic of fitness and nutrition. We discuss: Consuming the right number of calories a day Getting the right […]

Gear Guy Jon Griffiths from Rochester Running Company

Podcast Episode 143 – Gear Guy Jon Griffiths

In this episode we talk about the latest in running shoes and other gear with Gear Guy Jon Griffiths, owner of Rochester Running Company from Chris’s neck of the woods. We talk about some under-the-radar running shoe brands, the latest […]

142 More About Destination Races

Podcast Episode 142 – More About Destination Races

In this episode, Ryan Warner (a.k.a. R2) joins us for more about destination races. Ryan is 19 states into a 50 State Half Marathon Challenge. He shares some of the favorite destination races he’s run so far, as well as […]

No Agenda

Podcast Episode 141 – No Agenda

In this episode we have no agenda. We start off in the Kenny Zone, where Kendrick walks us through the diagnosis of his torn meniscus. He describes his experience of getting a MRI, discussing his diagnosis with the surgeon and […]

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