Real Talk: Darn Blisters!

Real Talk with Brittany - Darn BlistersWhen I first started running I didn’t know a lot, but I knew I needed a good pair of shoes and Skechers have always been my favorite – and wouldn’t you know the new??Skecher GORuns were cheaper than the fancy running shoes at the running store! ??Doesn’t some fast marathon runner like Meb wear them too?

Seemed perfect, so I bought a pair and started my couch to 5K. ??They felt great! ??I felt fast in them and they were so comfortable! As I increased my mileage though I started getting nasty blisters. ??Not just any blisters… but blood blisters on the bottom of my feet!

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The darn blisters continued to come and go for months. I finally did some??research and tried a lot of different things to get rid of them. ??Here is what I found out:

  1. Blister Proof Socks – ??I??asked about blisters on an internet forum and was told to change my socks immediately, specifcally recommending??Wrightsocks. ??I found them at my local running store and they have made a huge difference. Blisters all start with moisture and friction so these socks are made to minimize friction and manage moisture. ??There are other socks out there that offer blister protection, but so far these have worked the best for me.
  2. New Shoes – ??I think the Skecher GOruns were too thin and minimalist for me. ??I didn’t have the tough pads yet to really be able to wear them and not get blood blisters. ??So along with new socks, I went to the fancy running store and began my journey to find the perfect running shoe. ??While I have resolved my blister problem, I am still searching for the perfect shoe….Body Glide works great to prevent those darn blisters
  3. Body Glide –??Body Glide is made to prevent chafing and works for??many different areas of the body, but I started using it on my feet. ??I apply it to both sides of my feet and bottom of foot including my toes.
  4. No More Pedicures –??I know this part SUCKS (you can still get your toenails painted and feet rubbed) but do not let them use the scraper on the bottom of your feet! ??Tell them you need the calluses for running. ??I remember the last time I had a pedicure I didn’t notice??her going for the scraper and she started scraping a layer of tough skin that had formed over a huge blister and popped it. So THAT was what had been bothering me for days! ??Huh, I can walk without discomfort again! ??I know you are thinking, “…so then why are pedicures bad?” Even though she helped with my blister I no longer had that hard layer of protection and the next couple of weeks of running were not fun – it was like starting over with smooth baby skin.

My first ever half marathon was the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in January 2014. My husband and I thought it would be fun to run the 10K the day before the half as a warm up. I ended up getting a blister on the side/bottom of my foot and freaked out. Do I pop it? ??I have to run the next day, how can I run with a blister?!

Luckily, the croc sandals I was wearing popped the darn blister for me and I didn’t have to worry about it. ??A friend recommended covering the blister in??New-Skin liquid spray bandage and said a lot of runners carry this with them just in case. ??If you do get a blister and you decide to pop it, remember it is important to drain it completely and keep it clean to avoid infection. ??If the area gets increasingly sore, swells, or reddens, seek medical attention.

I found this great article for runners all about blisters so if you need more information check it out here. ??Dare I say… show me your best blister pics?

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Brittany Brown, a.k.a. Queen B, is a Certified Zumba Instructor, has completed multiple marathons, countless half marathons and the Dopey Challenge. She's also slightly crazy. You'll often find her yelling for no particular reason and then running off with maniacal laughter.

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  1. My pinky toes tend to rub against the toe next to them and ouch! I have to put some tape around them to avoid this, but maybe the glide would help…. love the socks tip! thanks!

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