Race Recap: Oakley Mini 10K

On Saturday, June 13, I joined 7,784 other women in running the 43rd annual Oakley Mini 10K, the world’s oldest women-only road race. It was??started in 1972 by Nina Kuscsik and Katherine Switzer along with Fred Lebow. 78 women ran it. It was a common misconception at the time that women weren???t able to run very??far so a more manageable distance was decided upon. It was originally called the Crazylegs Mini Marathon, sponsored by Crazylegs shaving gel.
dba55b7a96da543559e25073d58b9a4cIt was a hot and humid day to run around Central Park in NYC. Although I did meet up with some fellow Mickey Milers prior to the race, I ran this one alone. I was hoping to beat my time from last year’s Oakley Mini 10K. As much as I love Shenanigans, a large race in NYC can be a tough place to be to have Shenanigans, especially alone. There were plain clothed officers walking around with bomb sniffing dogs prior to the race. They did their best to blend, but it was a reminder of what has happened in the past with a large, city race.

Oakley Mini 10K Starting Line

It???s a great course??–??a single loop around Central Park with lots of water stops because of??the weather. If you haven???t run in Central Park yet, you really should. It???s beautiful and you all but forget that you are in one of the greatest, busiest cities in the world (my fellow Shenanigan members would add ???that smells like urine??? here, but I disagree with them).

People were pretty friendly in the middle of the back of the pack where I run. I was wearing my Princess tank with ???Someday my PR will come??? on the back. One woman came up to me at the end and told me that she was chasing me the whole way and my tank was inspiring her! Lol! I felt bad that she had all that as her view for 6.2 miles!
Running with the pack at the Oakley Mini 10K

The Winner of the Oakley Mini 10K received $10,000, which obviously brought a lot of the big girls out. I got a nice medal and pink carnation for finishing. No cash prize for me. But the ribbon on the medal is two-sided which I really liked!

Two-sided Bling!

The Oakley Mini 10K brings??out women of all ages, sizes, cultures and ability levels. It???s a pretty special thing to be running with just women. It adds a level of camaraderie to the atmosphere. I ran into one of my students prior to the race which was pretty cool. She was running it with her mom, two sisters and grandmother. Her grandmother has been running it since it started, missing only one year, and that was for her 50th wedding anniversary. Pretty cool to have that kind of history in a race. :)

finishI tried to get into the VIP tent. No go.

My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.

My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.

And apparently they didn’t recognize me as a Professional Runner.

Are you calling me an amateur?

Are you calling me an amateur?

NYRR will be receiving a heated email about that for sure…

Caryn Vita

Caryn Vita

Caryn has been running since March 23, 2013. She always wanted to be a runner but it was hard and she kept quitting. It???s still hard and she still wants to quit, but seems to keep signing up for races and showing up for some reason. She spends most of her weekends driving all over Connecticut to complete races so she can be crowned Queen. She is known for her commitment to finding the perfect training plan - for what no one is sure since she only plans to train. When she gets with her fellow Team Shenanigans teammates, you can be sure the mischief will ensue.

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