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Gear Lab RaceDots 2I was your typical pin girl until I ran my first runDisney race. I didn’t want to put holes in my costume by pinning my??race bib so I??decided to try a bib belt. I???ve been a bib belt girl for about a year and a half now.

When Chris asked me to test out the RaceDots I was intrigued. I had never heard of them before, but they were invented by a guy who grew up in Chris’s hometown, and now lives in the DC area. He was tired of seeing his expensive race gear get torn or rust-stained by pinning race bibs, so he started a company to sell this super-strong magnetic bib attachment system. The marketing boasts that RaceDots will secure a bib without damaging clothing, and are even so strong, they’ll work through a winter jacket.

I found the magnets to be very strong but a bit cumbersome to use at first. It takes a few times to figure out how to manage holding your bib on your shirt with one magnet on the outside while trying to match up the other side inside your shirt.

I ran my first race with them about 3 weeks ago and to be very honest, it was not a great experience. Going to the bathroom, petting dogs after the race, or any other doubling over motion really, the magnets attached to each other inside my shirt causing this type of situation.

RaceDots are strong... a little TOO strong!
RaceDots are strong… a little TOO strong!

I sent this picture to??RaceDots, and they quickly responded with a suggestion to only using two or three magnets. So for the next race I only put two magnets on the top holes as suggested. It worked out perfectly!

The magnets stay in place, didn’t??leave any marks on my??clothes, and really aren’t??a whole lot different than using my bib belt, with the exception that they don???t travel around my body like the belts can.

RaceDots are smaller than a dime.
RaceDots are smaller than a dime.

I???ve used RaceDots??in about a dozen races now and I??love them!??People have even asked me during races how they work, because??their race shirts are??getting ruined from being pinned over and over. I???ve even lent a few to friends to try out for races and they love them as well!

I would say the only minor issue is figuring out the best way to know how to attach them. Everyone has their own little way of doing things but once the muscle memory kicked in, it???s a breeze now. Toward the end of this promotional video you can see one method: holding the inside magnet in place while allowing the outside magnet to quickly attach to it.

Maybe I have a future as a RaceDots Ambassador? I am definitely a fan and will not be turning back to my bib belt!

You can purchase RaceDots directly through their website at from many specialty running stores.

Caryn Vita

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Caryn has been running since March 23, 2013. She always wanted to be a runner but it was hard and she kept quitting. It???s still hard and she still wants to quit, but seems to keep signing up for races and showing up for some reason. She spends most of her weekends driving all over Connecticut to complete races so she can be crowned Queen. She is known for her commitment to finding the perfect training plan - for what no one is sure since she only plans to train. When she gets with her fellow Team Shenanigans teammates, you can be sure the mischief will ensue.

3 thoughts on “Gear Lab: RaceDots – No More Pricks

  1. I LOVE my Race Dots! The trick to using them is to put them on the shirt while the shirt is laying flat. It’s MUCH harder once you are wearing the shirt (I’ve tried that too). If your race bib is on the small side, you might have bunching issues like pictured above, but I haven’t had any since I started putting them on a flat shirt. (Since I wear a substantial sports bra to run, it’s not a big deal if I get my bib on race day.)

    I love that these are reusable and non-marking. Brilliant invention!

    The other thing I learned: when the magnet bits get stuck to each other with nothing in between them, instead of trying to pull them apart, think of it as sliding the pieces away from each other (much easier).

  2. I would love to get these but the Feature-Benefit/Cost Ratio is just too high. If they were say 12-15 I would pull the trigger, but at $20+ I cannot justify.

    1. I guess the Cost/Benefit ratio would be different depending upon how much racing you do and how much you want to avoid putting holes in your shirts. Especially for duathletes who spend $100+ on shirts made of special fabrics, it would be more valuable I think.

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