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One of the things I had been??most looking forward to at my first ever marathon expo was visiting the Dr. Cool booth. They make chemical-free wraps which not only ice??aching joints and muscles, but provide compression – perfect for my arthritic??knees. ??When I heard that Dr. Cool was releasing a line of instant cooling shirts using the same chemical-free technology, promising to cool my skin up to 30%, I couldn’t wait to test them out!

Modeling the Dr. Cool Instant Cooling ShirtI received the Dr. Cool Women’s tank just before a July trip to Florida – a perfect place to test it! ??For my first run I wore my normal running tank that is made partially of bamboo. ??It was hot and muggy, and when the sun started to come up I had to stop — it was just too hot.

For my second run, I wore the Dr. Cool tank. ??It was still muggy and hot, but I didn’t notice it as much. ??I was definitely cooler. My shirt didn’t feel??drenched in sweat like it normally would. ??When I got back to my hotel room I was surprised that my shirt actually was soaked in sweat!

Was this just a placebo effect? ??I think to myself, “I am supposed to feel cooler,” so therefore I do? ??Obviously more testing was needed.

When I returned??home, I wore my tank under my uniform and went into a client’s attic. In July. In the middle of the day. If you’ve never been in an attic in the summer, let me tell you, it’s easily 20+ degrees hotter than outside. ??I was in the attic for 30 minutes and sweat was pouring down my face BUT I felt cool in my chest area! ??It was noticeably different than my previous adventures into attics. I’m now recommending Dr. Cool??shirts to all of my technicians.

How does the Coolcore fabric work? This video explains the technology, which delivers three functions:??wicking, moisture circulation, and regulated evaporation.

Dr. Cool instant cooling shirts are the answer to summer running and I can’t wait to try out their hats and headbands as well!


Brittany Brown

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