Disclosure Statement and Legal Disclaimer

Disclosure Statement

The federal government requires that bloggers must disclose when they are receiving payment (either in currency, goods or services) in exchange for content. To that end, here is our disclosure statement:

  • Team Shenanigans blog is a collaborative blog representing the collective work of many different bloggers. Any views and opinions are strictly those of the author(s).??Translation: there are a lot of us here, and we respect everyone’s right to have differing opinions.
  • Team Shenanigans blog may receive payment (either in currency, goods or services) in exchange for reviewing products or services. The content of blog posts will not be influenced by any compensation received. Translation: whether or not we??receive free stuff or payment, we promise to tell you what we really think.??
  • Team Shenanigans blog will only endorse or recommend products and services that we would, or do, use ourselves, and believe are worthy of our recommendation. Translation: we review stuff we would actually use, and it’s stuff we think you might want to consider using too.
  • Team Shenanigans blog may contain external paid affiliate links to outside vendors for which we are compensated. Any such links will only be to products or vendors whom we would, or do, use ourselves, and believe are worthy of our recommendation. Translation: we may receive payment for linking to a website to which we would link??even if we weren’t receiving payment.
  • Team Shenanigans blog may contain advertising for which receive payment when the ad is displayed and/or clicked. Translation: we’ve got bills to pay, and may use advertising revenue to pay them.
  • This disclosure statement applies to all content on Team Shenanigans blog, whether or not it is explicitly mentioned on a particular post or page.

If you have any questions about this disclosure statement, please send an e-mail to disclosures@TeamShenanigans.org.

Legal Disclaimer

The Team Shenanigans Podcast and Website should not be considered medical, legal, spiritual, fitness, or any other type of advice. All opinions expressed in this podcast are the speakers’ and writers’ and do not necessarily represent the views of any other person or entity affiliated with, not affiliated with, or wholly unrelated to Team Shenanigans and its affiliates.

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Acceptance of any challenge proposed by or through Team Shenanigans is undertaken at your own risk and does not constitute an agreement between you and Team Shenanigans, its members, its hosts, or any person that they are related to, or have met during their lifetime.