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Podcast Episode 51 – Nick Symmonds

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Nick Symmonds

In this episode we welcome two-time Olympian Nick Symmonds to the podcast. In his professional career, he has spoken out about a number of different causes, including??opposing Russia’s anti-gay laws, and urging an increase in gun control. His company, Run Gum, is currently appealing a lawsuit against the U.S. Olympic Committee and USA Track & Field, arguing for more rights… Read more »

Podcast Episode 46 – Transitioning to Triathlons

Transitioning to Triathlons with Ian Senior

In this episode we welcome Team Shenanigans teammate Ian Senior onto the show to talk about his experience with transitioning to triathlons. Ian went from Couch to 5k, eventually running a number of marathons, and then added swimming and biking to the mix. He talks about the challenge of training for triathlons, the equipment you’ll need (and what you won’t)… Read more »

Podcast Episode 45 – Caryn’s First Triathlon

Team Shenanigans Podcast - the running podcast that puts fun in your run

In this episode we celebrate with Caryn as she talks about finishing her first triathlon. If you know Caryn, you probably already guessed that there were tears involved. Caryn takes us through her preparation, including swimming lessons and lots of long hours on her bike. She discusses the special equipment she bought for the race, and takes us through race… Read more »

Podcast Episode 44 – Gait Analysis

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Team Shenanigans Podcast - the running podcast that puts fun in your run

On this episode we welcome Team Shenanigans member Ian Conner to the show to talk about his experience getting a Gait Analysis from the University of Virginia Speed Clinic. We also discuss the slow registrations for runDisney’s 2017 Princess Half Marathon Weekend and the use of Pok??mon Go to help shake loose from a running funk. Please??SUBSCRIBE, RATE and REVIEW??the… Read more »

Podcast Episode 38 – Summer Training and Racing

Team Shenanigans Podcast - the running podcast that puts fun in your run

In this episode we discuss summer training and racing, in the wake of the mid-race cancellation of the Vermont City Marathon in Burlington, VT. We share our personal experience and tips on how to safely beat the heat. Plus we get an update on Caryn’s lazy ass and the details??on Mark’s wet bulb. Please??SUBSCRIBE, RATE and REVIEW??the podcast on iTunes…. Read more »

Podcast Episode 31 – Fitness Myths and Facts

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Fitness Myths and Facts - Episode 31

???In this episode we bust some fitness myths, tackling a whole bunch of commonly-held beliefs about running and fitness and see whether the claims are facts backed up by hard science??or just myths passed down through the years. In each case we tried to link to the actual scientific study, or a reputable news outlet which cites a??scientific study. To… Read more »

Podcast Episode 29 – Training Update and Nerd Herd Running

Team Shenanigans Podcast - the running podcast that puts fun in your run

In this episode, Chris, Mark and Caryn each provide a??training update. We discuss how our three different approaches to our workouts are progressing so far in 2016, with an eye toward Spring and Summer goal races. We also invite Jamison Reynolds, the Chief Nerd at??Nerd Herd Running, to discuss the recently-announced 2016 series of virtual races. They’re offering a great… Read more »

A Runner’s Support System

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IMG_1169 copy

Yes we run 5k’s, 10k’s , Halves and maybe even full Marathons… Not everybody gets it, some people think we’re weird, crazy and even masochist. Maybe we are a little bit… My mom came with me to the Dopey Challenge 2015 in Disney World and it was freezing outside (below 40s), I was ready to leave at 4:00 am and… Read more »

Podcast Episode 27 – How Bad Do You Want It with Matt Fitzgerald

How Bad Do You Want It

On this episode, we welcome Running Coach, Nutritionist, Triathlete and Author Matt Fitzgerald back to the podcast to discuss his latest book, How Bad Do You Want It. It’s a collection of fascinating stories about how elite athletes improved their performance by overcoming mental challenges, and how everyday athletes can use the same techniques. You can find How Bad Do… Read more »

Podcast Episode 26 – 80/20 Running with Matt Fitzgerald


In this episode,??we talk with Matt Fitzgerald:??coach, nutritionist, and author of many books including 80/20 Running: Run Stronger and Race Faster by Training Slower. He explains that the number one mistake most runners make that prevents them from getting faster is running their slow runs too fast. It’s a great conversation that includes some discussion about using beer and margaritas… Read more »