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Podcast Episode 52 – The 52th Episode

Chris Smith   September 30, 2016   No Comments on Podcast Episode 52 – The 52th Episode            

In this episode we celebrate one full year of podcasts with a special 52th Episode, featuring conversations with a whole bunch of listeners who are members of the Team Shenanigans Running Team, including: Jackie Cabrera Robert Schultz Gregory Ryan Heather Pedrami Kirsten Soto Kristen St. Clair Kristie Green Danielle DeCarolis Ryan Armbruster Jonathan Sanders Jess Raposa Pam Frost Donna Quackenbush… Read more »

Podcast Episode 50 – Bird in Hand Live

Chris Smith   September 16, 2016   No Comments on Podcast Episode 50 – Bird in Hand Live            

In this episode, the podcast makes a triumphant return from hiatus with a special edition, recorded live at the Bird in Hand Half Marathon. We recorded some segments during the race itself, meeting a few different runners including Chris McDougall, author of Born to Run. We also recorded with some of the 20 members of Team Shenanigans??at our post-race lunch…. Read more »

A Runner’s Support System

Celeste Baird   March 21, 2016   No Comments on A Runner’s Support System            
IMG_1169 copy

Yes we run 5k’s, 10k’s , Halves and maybe even full Marathons… Not everybody gets it, some people think we’re weird, crazy and even masochist. Maybe we are a little bit… My mom came with me to the Dopey Challenge 2015 in Disney World and it was freezing outside (below 40s), I was ready to leave at 4:00 am and… Read more »

Podcast Episode 9 – Wine and Dine Half Marathon

Chris Smith   November 15, 2015   No Comments on Podcast Episode 9 – Wine and Dine Half Marathon            
Team Shenanigans Podcast - the running podcast that puts fun in your run

In this episode, Chris, Mark, Brittany, Kenny and Caryn break down the 2015 runDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon, a race which we will remember as much for the incredible experience of wearing and running in a group costume as for the damaging storms that forced an evacuation, a delayed start and a shortened race. Here’s the picture of conditions… Read more »

Race Recap: Inaugural Yosemite Half Marathon

Julia Locus   November 13, 2015   1 Comment on Race Recap: Inaugural Yosemite Half Marathon            
Stunning Yosemite Valley

When??Vacation Races??announced they were adding the Yosemite Half Marathon to their series??of??half marathons which run through National Parks, I was one of the first to sign up. You could sign up as a team for potential prizes, and a $10 registration discount with a qualified team, so I rallied the troops and formed a team: #NoPlaceLikeDome. Due to poor planning… Read more »

Podcast Episode 8: Running with a Group

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Team Shenanigans Podcast - the running podcast that puts fun in your run

We talk a lot about running with a group. Have you ever wondered how to run a race with a group? It’s something we do all the time, and something we encourage everyone to try! Running with friends adds a whole new dynamic to races. But we’ve made mistakes along the way, and learned some lessons to avoid potential pitfalls… Read more »

When Laziness Attacks

Celeste Baird   October 6, 2015   No Comments on When Laziness Attacks            

I am a goal-oriented person and in Jan 2013 my life goal was:?????run a half marathon??? (yes, I???m that crazy). Sounded really scary and challenging! I registered for my??first half marathon –????no chance to turn back; I had to do it. It was really hard to go from being a non-runner to half marathoner. It took time and dedication, but… Read more »

Dear Grumpy Abby, RE: Running

Carlye O'Brien   October 1, 2015   No Comments on Dear Grumpy Abby, RE: Running            

Hi happy, grumpy, shenaniganny runners! Today???s article is going to be formatted as if I???m Dear Grumpy Abby. Because who wouldn???t want to be in charge of telling other people what to do? I know my editor, Chris, loves telling people what to do. ???Carlye, you haven???t written an article this month??? Yeah, I???m gonna need you to work this… Read more »

Race Recap: 2015 Disneyland Half Marathon in Pictures

Julia Locus   September 29, 2015   No Comments on Race Recap: 2015 Disneyland Half Marathon in Pictures            
Group shot in front of the castle

Julia and Donna had the wonderful opportunity to experience the 2015 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend together. ??They started to think about how they could express everything in words – but you know what they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words!” ??So they figured that saying it in pictures just may be the better option. ??Take a look at… Read more »

Race Recap: Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon


On Sunday, September 6, I joined my fellow Shenanigans teammates south of the Mason-Dixon line to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon. In true Team Shenanigans fashion, the good times to be had made it worth my eleven-hour traffic-filled drive down from New York City. I used this flat race course to both seriously train for future… Read more »