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Podcast Episode 30 – Star Wars Dark Side Preview

Star Wars Dark Side Preview

In this episode we preview the Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend. We also announce our meet-up for the weekend, which will take place Friday, April 15th at the 8:30pm Yehaa Bob show at River Roost Lounge at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort. You can find all the details on the Team Shenanigans Facebook page. Also in this episode,… Read more »

Podcast Episode 19 – Listener Questions

Chris Smith   January 22, 2016   No Comments on Podcast Episode 19 – Listener Questions            
Team Shenanigans Podcast - the running podcast that puts fun in your run

On this episode we discuss the lawsuit filed against the organizers of the New York City Marathon alleging that the non-refundable fee charged to enter the marathon lottery constitutes an illegal, non-licensed lottery under New York State law. The suit seeks $10 million in damages. We also take YOUR listener questions including: Does it frustrate you after all of the… Read more »

Podcast Episode 10 – Hodge Podge

Chris Smith   November 20, 2015   No Comments on Podcast Episode 10 – Hodge Podge            
Team Shenanigans Podcast - the running podcast that puts fun in your run

Chris, Mark, Caryn, Brittany and Kenny tackle a number of topics on this episode, including: Listener Questions – you can send your questions to or tweet them to us @TeamShenanigans. The Daily Shenanigan – all the news that matters to us. We discuss our feelings on buying and selling of medals. If you have medals you’d like to donate… Read more »

Podcast Episode 8: Running with a Group

Chris Smith   November 5, 2015   No Comments on Podcast Episode 8: Running with a Group            
Team Shenanigans Podcast - the running podcast that puts fun in your run

We talk a lot about running with a group. Have you ever wondered how to run a race with a group? It’s something we do all the time, and something we encourage everyone to try! Running with friends adds a whole new dynamic to races. But we’ve made mistakes along the way, and learned some lessons to avoid potential pitfalls… Read more »

Real Talk: Darn Blisters!

Brittany Brown   July 22, 2015   1 Comment on Real Talk: Darn Blisters!            
Real Talk with Brittany

When I first started running I didn’t know a lot, but I knew I needed a good pair of shoes and Skechers have always been my favorite – and wouldn’t you know the new??Skecher GORuns were cheaper than the fancy running shoes at the running store! ??Doesn’t some fast marathon runner like Meb wear them too? Seemed perfect, so I… Read more »

Real Talk: Running and Poo

Brittany Brown   July 18, 2015   10 Comments on Real Talk: Running and Poo            
Real Talk with Brittany

Before I was a runner the thought of someone knowing I was taking a poo was mortifying!?? I would hold it in all day until I could poo in the comfort of my own bathroom.?? If only Poopouri existed back then!?? I would still have had to worry about the plop-plop sound but at least it would have smelled like… Read more »

Race Recap: A First Timer at the Color Vibe 5K

Dave Koch   July 16, 2015   4 Comments on Race Recap: A First Timer at the Color Vibe 5K            
Lots of fun after a most enjoyable run!

This past Saturday I ran the Color Vibe 5K in Eisenhower State park in Long Island NY. It has long been on my running bucket list to experience one of these races where you cross the finish line covered in multi-color dye. I came close last year until the company who was sponsoring the race went out of business three… Read more »