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Podcast Episode 51 – Nick Symmonds

Chris Smith   September 23, 2016   No Comments on Podcast Episode 51 – Nick Symmonds            
Nick Symmonds

In this episode we welcome two-time Olympian Nick Symmonds to the podcast. In his professional career, he has spoken out about a number of different causes, including??opposing Russia’s anti-gay laws, and urging an increase in gun control. His company, Run Gum, is currently appealing a lawsuit against the U.S. Olympic Committee and USA Track & Field, arguing for more rights… Read more »

Podcast Episode 36 – Nutrition for Runners

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Nutrition for Runners - Matt Fitzgerald

In this episode we welcome back author, triathlete and Certified Sports Nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald to answer YOUR questions about nutrition for runners. From weight loss, to balancing carbs and protein during training, fueling before, during and after workouts and general nutrition questions, Matt tackles them all, including: Balancing weight loss and endurance training Special challenges when following a plant-based diet… Read more »

Podcast Episode 31 – Fitness Myths and Facts

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Fitness Myths and Facts - Episode 31

???In this episode we bust some fitness myths, tackling a whole bunch of commonly-held beliefs about running and fitness and see whether the claims are facts backed up by hard science??or just myths passed down through the years. In each case we tried to link to the actual scientific study, or a reputable news outlet which cites a??scientific study. To… Read more »

Sharing A Deep, Dark Secret

Laura Bailey   August 17, 2015   1 Comment on Sharing A Deep, Dark Secret            
Sharing Secrets - Little Girls

As runners people expect that we always eat planned and well balance meals… that our refrigerators are stocked with the freshest kale from the local whole foods grocer, or that our pantries look like they belong in a Trader Joe???s store. ??To some extent that is true. To put our bodies??through distance events and recovery we need to eat the… Read more »

Blue Skies and Sunshine: Finding My Path as a Runner

Dave Koch   August 12, 2015   1 Comment on Blue Skies and Sunshine: Finding My Path as a Runner            
I'm not going back to the guy I was before. Running helps assure that.

On a recent run, a song moved me like never before. The upbeat, gospel tones of Mama Odie from Disney???s??The Princess and the Frog sang out: You got to dig a little deeper, find out who you are. You got to dig a little deeper, it really ain???t that far. When you find out who you are, you find out… Read more »

Things You Never Knew About Running, Until You Started Running


When I got into running I, like everyone else, had an idea in my mind of exactly what I was getting myself into. ??I had ideas around training. ??I could envision myself at races. ??I felt like I had a pretty good idea of who the people were I’d be running into on the road. ??Now, almost two years later,… Read more »

Diary of a First Time Marathoner: Weeks 2 and 3… DejaVu


Week 2 is upon me and the running Gods have decided to smack me right in the face! ??Actually, I’m pretty certain they kicked me in the shin! This is Deja Vu for me as I find myself in these situations EVERY time I start a training schedule for a specific race. ??I’d say I will work on that for… Read more »

Gear Lab: Nuun Hydration

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I haven’t had the best of luck when it comes to??fueling and hydration. I’ve had energy gels cause stomach cramps and derail a PR-pace marathon, and I frequently suffer from??post-workout migraines??brought on by dehydration and electrolyte deficiency. Several friends, including some members of Team Shenanigans, recommended I try nuun. The five varieties of nuun products come in effervescent tablet form,… Read more »

Diary of a First Time Marathoner: The Plan

Mark Avis   July 7, 2015   6 Comments on Diary of a First Time Marathoner: The Plan            
Kayaking in Rehoboth Bay

Months have gone by since I registered for the Goofy Challenge in January. ??In that time I haven’t really thought much at all about it. ??I knew it was coming, I knew as a first time marathoner,??eventually I’d have to train. ??As the start of my official training approaches, its time to prepare! Since this is going to be my… Read more »