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Gear Lab: Dr. Cool Instant Cooling Shirts

Brittany Brown   September 9, 2015   No Comments on Gear Lab: Dr. Cool Instant Cooling Shirts            

One of the things I had been??most looking forward to at my first ever marathon expo was visiting the Dr. Cool booth. They make chemical-free wraps which not only ice??aching joints and muscles, but provide compression – perfect for my arthritic??knees. ??When I heard that Dr. Cool was releasing a line of instant cooling shirts using the same chemical-free technology,… Read more »

Running with an Apple Watch (Part 2)

Chris Smith   August 21, 2015   2 Comments on Running with an Apple Watch (Part 2)            
Watch 2

I spent a week??running with an??Apple Watch??to see how it??functions as a running watch. In the first??part of this two-part series, I looked at the Apple Watch’s features. In this second part, I’ll report my experience running with an Apple Watch during several different types of runs, indoors and outdoors, and compare performance. Day 1 – Running Outside For my… Read more »

Dr. Cool Instant Cooling Shirt Giveaway

Chris Smith   August 10, 2015   No Comments on Dr. Cool Instant Cooling Shirt Giveaway            
Dr. Cool Shirt Giveaway Graphic

It’s hot out there, but Dr. Cool and Team Shenanigans want to help you keep your cool. We are teaming up to give away a men’s or women’s short-sleeved instant cooling shirt in your choice of color and style. We have taken their Instant Cooling Shirt into the Gear Lab, and we’ll have a full review soon, bur early results… Read more »

Nine Things You Need For Running

Carlye O'Brien   July 14, 2015   4 Comments on Nine Things You Need For Running            

You know that myth people tell you??? All you need to run is a pair of running shoes. It???s a lie. You???re being lied to. You want to start running. You need a new sport, you want to lose weight, you want that shiny medal, your friends do it and you like peer pressure???whatever the reason, these are the nine… Read more »

Gear Lab: Nuun Hydration

Chris Smith   July 13, 2015   No Comments on Gear Lab: Nuun Hydration            

I haven’t had the best of luck when it comes to??fueling and hydration. I’ve had energy gels cause stomach cramps and derail a PR-pace marathon, and I frequently suffer from??post-workout migraines??brought on by dehydration and electrolyte deficiency. Several friends, including some members of Team Shenanigans, recommended I try nuun. The five varieties of nuun products come in effervescent tablet form,… Read more »