Podcast Episode 37 – Running Ragnar SoCal

Running Ragnar SoCalIn this episode, Mark is on assignment, but we’re joined by Heather Pedrami and Kristen Jensen who recently ran their first Ragnar Relays at Ragnar SoCal??which took them from Huntington Beach, CA to San Diego. Running on separate teams, Kristen was part of a traditional 12-runner Ragnar team, while Heather ran an ultra, with a six-runner team where every participant??runs twice as many legs.

Before Heather and Kristen call in to the show, we get to her a great story from Caryn about her first experience in an Orangetheory Fitness class. She catches her instructor, Jacques, looking at her tail, and you won’t believe what happens next!!!

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Chris Smith

Chris Smith

Chris Smith, a.k.a. @DopeyRunr, started running in 2013. He has since completed the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Dopey Challenges. His wife and 12-year-old daughter can confirm his status as Perfectly Dopey.

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