Podcast Episode 116 – 2018 Running Goals

2018 Running GoalsIn this episode we take a look back at what we had set as our 2017 Running Goals and see how we did, then we discuss our 2018 Running Goals. To prepare for this episode, I listened back to our 2017 Running Goals show and it was surprising to hear how optimistic we were in setting goals, but we never really revisited them throughout the year. Setting goals is important, but if you forget about them almost immediately, they’re not terribly helpful. Write down your goals and then perform a regular check-in to see if what you’re doing is taking you closer to your goals or moving you farther away from accomplishing your goals.

It’s also OK to change your goals as oftentimes life interferes with our best made plans. Making adjustments throughout the year is normal and shouldn’t leave you feeling derailed.

Let us know about your goals! We’d love to help encourage you.

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Chris Smith

About Author:

Chris Smith, a.k.a. @DopeyRunr, started running in 2013. He has since completed the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018 Dopey Challenges, and dozens of other marathons and half marathons around the country.

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